Replacement Heifers selling Feb. 4, 2019
Dan Price, Mud Butte, SD

(605) 415-1279 (cell) • (605) 748-2413 (home)
64 Replacement Heifers

Selling Feb. 4, 2019 at Faith Livestock, Faith, S.D. will be 64 head of replacement heifers from Dan and Larinda Price of Mud Butte, SD. They are out of Strommen Ranch sons of Connealy Thunder and Leachman Right Time and would also have Aviator in their background. The cowherd would have the bloodlines of Dateline, Right Time and Connealy Countdown. These heifers have been developed on long stem hay and a couple pounds of cake and have a full vaccination history. Contact us or Faith Livestock.

Replacement Heifers selling by Private Treaty 

Aaron Strommen, Fort Rice, ND

(701) 290-7983

38 Angus Replacement Heifers

We are selling 38 Angus replacement heifers weighing 725-775. These heifers originated from the Don Schwalbe herd near Beulah, ND. These are a tremendous set of heifers that are performance bred, sleek-fronted yet broody with plenty of volume and rib depth. They have been bangs vaccinated, drenched with Safeguard wormer, given Bovi-Shield Gold VL5 and poured with Clean-Up II. These heifers were sorted from the very top of his whole heifer calf crop, with none held back. Available now 38 head at $1100/head or 35 head at $1125/head. For more information, contact Aaron (701) 290-7983.

Commercial Open Heifers

Lot 1801: FILLED -  We have a customer looking for a pot load of replacement quality Strommen Ranch-sired heifer calves. Heifers would be developed and be sold back through the Badlands Angus Alliance Bull and Female Sale. We could split this load between owners. Heifers need to be around 600 lbs. 60-80 head. Will take possession anytime, preferably by December 1st. Call Aaron 701-290-7983.

Lot 1802: FILLED -  Looking for a high-quality set of reputation replacement heifers. Will take up to 2 pot loads 100-120 hd. Need to be 700-800 lbs. and take possession in January. Call Aaron 701-290-7983.

Lot 1803: FILLED - Looking for a set of 20-30 replacement quality F1 Baldy heifers 550-600 lbs. no brands. Would like to take possession by December 20th. Call Aaron 701-290-7983.

Lot 1804: FILLED - Looking for replacement quality heifers. 30-60 hd. 550-600 lbs. Black or Baldy. Preferably Strommen Ranch, Talkington or Best genetics. Heifers would be developed and be sold back through the Badlands Angus Alliance Bull and Female Sale. Will take delivery by Dec. 15th. Call Aaron 701-290-7983.

Whether you're looking to buy or sell,  contact Aaron at (701) 290-7983 to be included on the Strommen Ranch Commercial Female Listing!

Commercial Female Listing

This listing is designed to be a marketplace for our customers to buy or sell Strommen Ranch-influenced Maternal POWER Angus females. If you have Maternal POWER Angus females to sell, give us a call and we will feature you on this list, which is distributed through our e-mail contacts, website and social media channels. If you are looking to purchase Strommen Ranch-influenced females, give us a call and we will also feature you on this list. 

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