Commercial Open Heifers

  • Lot 1801: We have a customer looking for a pot load of replacement quality Strommen Ranch-sired heifer calves. Heifers would be developed and be sold back through the Badlands Angus Alliance Bull and Female Sale. We could split this load between owners. Heifers need to be around 600 lbs. 60-80 head. Will take possession anytime, preferably by December 1st. Call Aaron 701-290-7983.

  • Lot 1802: Looking for a high-quality set of reputation replacement heifers. Will take up to 2 pot loads 100-120 hd. Need to be 700-800 lbs. and take possession in January. Call Aaron 701-290-7983.

  • Lot 1803: Looking for a set of 20-30 replacement quality F1 Baldy heifers 550-600 lbs. no brands. Would like to take possession by December 20th. Call Aaron 701-290-7983.

  • Lot 1804: FILLED - Looking for replacement quality heifers. 30-60 hd. 550-600 lbs. Black or Baldy. Preferably Strommen Ranch, Talkington or Best genetics. Heifers would be developed and be sold back through the Badlands Angus Alliance Bull and Female Sale. Will take delivery by Dec. 15th. Call Aaron 701-290-7983.

Bred Heifers Selling at the

Badlands Angus Alliance Sale

Jerry Schmidt, Driscoll, ND

(701) 471-6906
25 AI-Bred Heifers, Due March 6
25 AI-Bred Heifers, Due March 18

Jerry Schmidt of Driscoll, N.D. is known for his outstanding bred heifer development program. He is bringing 50 easy-fleshing, highly maternal bred heifers that originated from the Prairie Diamond Ranch of Hebron, N.D. Their pedigrees go back to Strommen Ranch sons of Resource also Advance, Territory and Bandwagon bloodlines. These one-brand heifers are AI’d to SAV Ten Speed with 25 head due March 6th and 25 head due March 18th, every one having an AI sired calf. Tremendous opportunity here to purchase high-quality, reputation replacement females with herd history and breeding to go along with. They were ultrasounded and sexed by the Steele Veterinary Clinic. These heifers were developed on native pasture. They are on grass hay and supplement the last 30 days and will weigh around 1,100 lbs by sale day. They’ve received a full herd health, vaccination and mineral program including Bovishield Gold VL5, Saber and Purina mineral.

Justin Lund, Ross, ND

(701) 629-1424
10 Bred Heifers, Due March 5 for 25 days
20 Bred Heifers, Due April 1 for 25 days

Justin and Bernadette are the 4th generation of Lunds to ranch in Western Mountrail County. These top-of-the-herd heifers are sired by Rito 6EM3 of 4L1 Emblazon and by Strommen Ranch sons of Resource and sons of Open Country. They are pasture bred to calving-ease sons of Connealy Capitalist and Wisdom. Ten head will calve March 5-31 for 25 days and 20 head will calve April 1-25 for 25 days. Justin has used AI breeding within his herd for many years and the heifers will have a genetic tabulation of some of the breed’s best. The genetics represented here should allow these heifers to calve easily and the feeder steers should grow well and their heifers will be keepers. The bred heifers they’ve consigned were developed on the native range of the White Earth Valley. These heifers were pregnancy ultrasounded by Hermanson Vet Service and received a full vaccination program including BoviShield Gold 5+VL5 in the spring, CattleMaster 4+VL5, ScourGuard 4KC and Dectomax this fall. They will weigh approximately 1,050 lbs on sale day.

Prairie Diamond Ranch, Hebron, ND 

(701) 878-4152  • (701) 870-4152
20 Bred Heifers, Due APRIl 4 FOR 30 days

For four generations, the Unruhs have developed a renowned commercial herd with a reputation for quality replacement females and sale-topping feeder steers. These heifers come from their herd that consistently produces performance oriented feeder cattle that mash down the scale and replacement females that are sought out by the most progressive cattlemen throughout the upper midwest. Kelly, Lori and their sons Kane and Kanyon are offering 20 bred heifers they’ve developed on native range in the Elm Creek valley north of Hebron, N.D. These heifers go back to Strommen Ranch sons of Resource also Substance, Advance, BAR EXT and Bandwagon bloodlines and are bred to calving-ease bulls by Boardwalk and are due April 4th for 30 days. These heifers have received a full vaccination and mineral program, including Bovi-shield Gold 5 VL5 HB and Safeguard. They were ultrasounded by the Mandan Veterinary Clinic and should weigh 1,100 lbs by sale day. 

Dave Vetter, Berthold, ND

(701) 720-1479
37 Bred Heifers, Due April 10 for 50 Days 

Dave and Tammy are bringing 100% of their top-cut replacements to the sale with none held back. They’ve developed a highly fertile herd of moderate-framed, easy-doing cattle backed by Emulation and Ohlde breeding. The heifers are sired by sons of maternal powerhouses including Game Day, Royal Duke, Identity and Fortunate Sons. They are pasture-bred to Strommen Ranch sons of Connealy Thunder and will weigh approximately 1,000 lbs on sale day. Developed in the hills and coulées of the Des Lacs River Valley, these moderate-framed, cake-broke, gentle replacements are the kind any discerning cattleman would be ecstatic to have. They’ve received a full vaccination and mineral package, including, Preg-Guard 10 in the spring, CattleMaster VL5, ScourGuard, Vitamin A&D and Dectomax this fall. Dr. Kristi Best ultrasounded this lot and they are due April 10th for 50 days.

Bred Heifers Selling by Private Treaty 

Alex Deis, Linton, ND

(701) 321-1491 • (701) 781-4529
25 AI-Bred Heifers, Due March 19
10 Bull-Bred Heifers, Due April 1 for 30 days

This is a set of performance oriented bred heifers that have all the bells and whistles. These heifers came directly off the Strommen Ranch commercial cowherd so they are a bit bigger and a few would have some Sim influence but have the breeding to raise some whopper feeding cattle. 25 head are AI bred to GAR Sure Fire for March 19th due date (13 with heifer calves and 12 with bull calves). 10 head bull bred starting April 1st for 30 days. Ultrasounded for calving date and sex by Dr. Joe Hochhalter from Steele Vet Clinic. Willing to give buyers health program before delivery if requested. Delivery can be arranged. Estimated weight 1100-1150. Call Alex Deis 701-321-1491 or Aaron 701-290-7983.

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Commercial Female Listing

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