OCC Juneau 807J

AAA Reg. #: 13627989

We utilized OCC Juneau 807J in our embryo transfer  program to produce  big-bodied, easy-fleshing, excellent-uddered females with good dispositions.  Every calf born at Strommen Ranch will be directly out of our embryo transfer program. We will continue to utilize Juneau because of his ability to make exceptional females and bulls that have the capacity and muscle to be true beef bulls. 

Leachman Right Time

AAA Reg. #: 11750711

Leachman Right Time sets the standard for female-makers in the Angus breed. He is utilized exclusively in our ET program. We will offer the largest group of Leachman Right Time sons anywhere in the world in our 2017 sale, Feb. 25, 2017. 

Connealy Capitalist

AAA Reg. #: 16752262

Select Sires has this to say about Capitalist:

  • Unmatched in his ability to transmit mass and body width with as much visual muscle as you can ask for
  • King of the cowmakers, his daughters have perfect udders and raise heavy calves
  • A proven Calving Ease sire who does not disappoint in terms of siring muscle and performance - a rare combination!
SAV Emblynette 7260 is the 17-year-old Pathfinder granddam of A116. 
SAV Resource 1441 is a 3/4 brother in blood to Double R Bar Rito A116.

Owned with Bruin Ranch, Upchurch Angus and Genex, CRI

Strommen-Owned Sires

Bruin Torque

AAA Reg. #:  18248293​​

We are excited to introduce Bruin Torque 5261. He is by the maternal and Pathfrinder sire, SAV Density 4336, and out of the dam of Bruin Uproar. This double-bred Right Time will transmit muscle, performance and maternal ability. Torque will be a perfect mating for daughters of today's popular sires that need more maternal function and power.

  This decision gives us the opportunity to evaluate the bull’s calves and daughters in production before we use him. Many of the bulls we are using are still alive and producing semen at 10 to 15 years of age - a true sign of fertility and longevity that they have likely passed on to their daughters.

Selling 80 Yearling &  

Coming 2-Year-Old Angus Bulls

Feb. 24, 2018

3 pm. At the Ranch, Fort Rice, N.D.

Strommen Ranch Sires

   Chasing fads or using one-trait selection is a really good way to hurt the important traits we all need to survive in the beef industry: fertility, longevity, sound feet, legs and udders. That’s why we use proven, balanced-trait bulls that have daughters in production and have made Pathfinder status. 

Soo Line Motive

AAA Reg. #: 16568189

Muscle expression, phenotype and calving ease traits 'motivated' us to use Soo Line Motive at Strommen Ranch. His daughters display the udder quality, calf-raising ability and fleshing ease we like. 

SAV Resource 1441

AAA Reg. #: 17016597

Upon much research, evaluation and consideration, we decided that Resource needed to be a part of our program. This very moderate-framed bull is tremendously long, thick and stout, with as much Angus breed-character as you can put in one.  He brings to the pasture the basics of efficiency and real-world fleshing ability with muscle, masculinity and superior feet quality. We evaluated many progeny and full siblings and liked what we saw. These cattle fit our ideals and philosophy on efficient, grass-based cattle production.

A.I. Sires

Double R Bar Rito A116

AAA Reg. #: 17449609

A116 was purchased to add the muscle, performance and Angus character of the Rito line of Angus cattle. He also brings with him the maternal function, longevity and fertility of the Emblynette cow family. At 17 years of age, A116's fourth-generation Pathfinder granddam remains a cornerstone of the SAV program. His dam has a BWR of 4/96 and a WWR of 4/104 and is a flush sister to the dam of the $400,000 SAV Harverstor. A116 was used as a pasture-sire. His first calves will come in the spring of 2015.

Sinclair Emulation XXP

AAA Reg.#: 15355048

We evaluated XXP's progeny for several years before deciding to incorporate his genetics at Strommen Ranch. We are doing so now because we appreciate his ability to transfer length, IMF and muscle in an attractive package. XXP cattle excel in commercially important traits like calf survivability, fertility in a practical environment and they offer superior mothering ability. Of special note is the longevity of his dam - a cow that remained productive into her late teens.