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Aaron & Sheyna Strommen, Solen, N.D.

(701) 290-7983

Owned with Select Sires Argentina and Juan Debernardi - Carne

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Tehama Blackcap Revolution
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SAV Easy Street 2289

AAA Reg. #:  20473600​​

We are excited to introduce SAV Easy Street 2289, which we acquired with our friends at Select Sires Argentina & Juan Debernardi - Carne in February, 2023. We thought he was the true highlight calving ease bull of the 2023 Schaff Angus Valley sale.

Easy Street's beautifully uddered President dam has a birth ratio of 2@87. His maternal granddam has a birth ratio of 10@93 and his great granddam has a birth ratio of 10@95. His second and third dams both produced beyond 12 years of age, proving not only their fertility, but their longevity, as well. This makes us very confident in Easy Street's potential to be a long-term calving ease bull that will leave behind beautiful, productive, long-lasting females.
He had a 65-pound actual birth weight, with an actual weaning weight of 1010 to ratio 104 in a contemporary group of more than 190 head! He had a yearling ratio of 103 with a 41 cm scrotal and ratioed 124 for IMF and 104 for REA. We are very happy with the quality of his feet at this point. Kelly Schaff claimed he was one of the best-footed bulls in the 2023 sale.

We expect this gentle-dispositioned bull to make beautiful females in a calving-ease package. He produced 252 straws in his first two jumps at World West Sire Services in Montana. Take advantage of our introductory offer as semen is available at $15/straw. Contact Aaron with any North American semen orders at (701) 290-7983.

Born & Raised at Strommen Ranch; Owned by Genex

Hard-working, easy-fleshing, moderate-framed, maternally oriented ANGUS genetics backed by generations of Maternal POWER™.

AI Sires

S R Silverado 083

AAA Reg. #:  19932195​​

This moderate-framed, tank of a bull offers multiple generations of Maternal POWER™ for the most discriminating cow man. His productive and fertile Pathfinder dam has settled to A.I. every year and posts BWR 5/94 and WWR 5/109 with a calving interval of 367 days. For docile, good-footed, moderated sized cows that wean a high percentage of their body weight, look no further than Silverado and his sons!

Owned with Bruin Ranch, Upchurch Brothers and Genex, CRI

Strommen-Owned Sires

Bruin Torque

AAA Reg. #:  18248293​​

There are three things Torque does better than any bull we have ever used – he adds body length, improves udder quality and he stands on a tremendous foot. He works great on those big-bodied, easy-fleshing females that need spine length and extension up front. He improves udder and feet quality, all while maintaining maternal function and power. His sons consistently sell at the top of our sales and we truly believe the best is yet to come with the 70+ Torque daughters we’ve retained in our herd. 

Written in 1885, W.D. Hoard's words still ring true today. Chasing fads or using one-trait selection is a really good way to hurt the important traits we all need to survive in the beef industry: fertility, longevity, sound feet, legs and udders. That’s why we use proven, balanced-trait bulls that have daughters in production and have made Pathfinder status. 

This patience gives us the opportunity to evaluate the bull’s calves and daughters in production before we use him. Many of the bulls we have used were still alive and producing semen at 10 to 15 years of age - a true sign of fertility and longevity that they have likely passed on to their daughters.