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Hard-working, easy-fleshing, moderate-framed, maternally oriented ANGUS genetics backed by generations of Maternal POWER™.

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Aaron & Sheyna Strommen, Solen, N.D.

(701) 290-7983

​We believe. . . 

It’s not enough to solely manage for forage production. Quality genetics – cattle that can efficiently convert forage into pounds of high-quality beef – are a critical part of managing for a ranch’s bottom-line.

Strommen Ranch cows must calve annually and wean a calf that is a high percentage of its dam’s bodyweight. They must also possess the basic phenotypic traits to cover country, breed on time, have the smarts and mothering ability to do it on their own, all the while performing under the conditions that Mother Nature has dealt us. We select for fertility, longevity, sound structure and realistic performance in the cowherd - traits that, when combined, result in Maternal POWER™.

Strommen Ranch calves grow out on grass. We DO NOT creep feed. We want your calves to perform in your environment. That's why we ask our bulls and females to shine in a similar one. We are proud of the fact that for 11 years straight, we've increased weaning weights, while maintaining downward pressure on input costs. We are continually asking our cattle to do more with less.