S R Polly 061

​​AAA Reg. #: 16801137
Sire: O C C Great Plains 943G   MGS:  Sitz Alliance 6595

​​Strommen Ranch Females

S R Burgette 031

​​AAA Reg. #: 1680630  
Sire: O C C Paxton 730P   MGS:  Sitz Alliance 6595

S R Lady Blue 118

​​AAA Reg. #: 1703378  
Sire: O C C Paxton 730P   MGS:  Oak Hollow 7709 of 1318 1118

S R Lucy 319

​​AAA Reg. #: 14533679   
Sire:  O C C Emblazon 854E   MGS: N Bar Emulation EXT

S R Polly 804

​​AAA Reg. #: 16572797   
Sire:  Sitz Alliance 6595   MGS: O C C Emblazon 854E

S R Bonnie Bell 104

​​AAA Reg. #: 17103372
Sire: O C C Paxton 730P   MGS:  S R Canyon 712

S R Eldorene 966

​​AAA Reg. #: 16549770
Sire: 21AR Outfitter 6132   MGS:  SAV 8180 Traveler 004

S R Eldorene 009

​​AAA Reg. #: 16800642  
Sire: O C C Paxton 730P   MGS:  B C C Bushwacker 41-93

​We believe. . . 

It’s not enough to solely manage for forage production. Quality genetics – cattle that can efficiently convert forage into pounds of high-quality beef – are a critical part of managing for a ranch’s bottom-line.

Strommen Ranch cows are expected to wean stout calves that are a high percentage of their mama’s bodyweight, and the cows must maintain their flesh and re-breed quickly in the spring, preferably to select A.I. sires.

Lassie 104 of Circle V

​​AAA Reg. #: 17184855
Sire: S R Alliance 904   MGS:  Mc Cumber 7078 VRD 3108

Selecting ANGUS cows for efficiency, fertility and longevity simply returns more dollars to our bottom-line and to our customers’.

S R Dorothy Ideal 825

​​AAA Reg. #: 16185555  
Sire: 21AR Outfitter 6032   MGS:  Ideal 7451 of 8103 4465